Product #: CCLAD005

Volume: 50
Weight: 50


Liquid Descaler is a potent combination of acids, surfactants, inhibitors and dispersants. It dissolves Mineral scales and then keeps them in solution to be flushed to waste. One of the main chemicals used in LIQUID DESCALER is hydrochloric acid (HCl). HCl is a very effective mineral acid capable of dissolving a variety of hard water scale in a minimum amount of time. Because it’s so strong we’ve added an excellent inhibitor to protect the casing and screen from being damaged. LIQUID DESCALER also works to dissolve slime and other biofouling issues caused by various kinds of bacteria. LIQUID DESCALER eliminates and/or inhibits the growth of many types of these bacteria including slime-forming, sulfate-reducing and iron/manganese oxidizing bacteria. It is safe on all common metals in well equipment except for prolonged contact with aluminum or galvanized equipment. Use DRY ACID® SPECIAL with BIOCLEAN for descaling and/or removing slime from aluminum or galvanized equipment.

Price: $158.00

Price: $158.00

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